What is Nba live Mobile


Nba live mobile As you can imagine, the game for mobile devices brings almost all the facets that we can find on the desktop. You will have the opportunity to manage your own team by choosing a career mode or playing online games against players from all over the world. For those who always enjoy Ultimate Team mode, they should know that this game mode has also been included by the firm, although obviously this also means that microtransactions are included.

NBA Live Mobile is available for free download on Google Play, and because it is paid for only optionally, you can enjoy a large part of the game without paying anything. We remind you that it is also available for iOS devices.

Show me how to play

In terms of gameplay, NBA Live Mobile for iOS is pretty good, the controls are simple, and although we've missed a button to try and steal the ball from the opponent, they're very complete.

To shoot the ball, you hold your finger over the "Shoot" button and release it just as the bar reaches the green zone. To speed up, you only have to press the "Sprint" button and to pass the ball the "Pass" button.

In terms of graphics, NBA Live Mobile for iPhone and iPad isn't bad, although it's important to note that this iOS game isn't as refined as the NBA 2k16, but we can assure you that it offers great entertainment.

But, as we mentioned earlier, iOS NBA Live Mobile isn't just about playing games and shooting baskets, EA Sports has thought of everything - you can open envelopes to find collectibles, players, and other rewards.

Plus, you'll be able to sign players, change your team's tactics, and even join other players' leagues. In these 32-player leagues for iOS, you can even talk to other users via chat.